Lena Reinhard

Lena is currently Director of Engineering at CircleCI.

About me

Lena is currently Director of Engineering at CircleCI. After a career in finance, arts, and media, she co-founded her first software company and became a CEO at age 26. Over the years, she’s been supporting distributed engineering organisations around the world, helping them deliver great products while continuously learning through inclusive cultures and growth-oriented feedback. Lena is convinced that only diverse teams in inclusive organisations can build appropriate solutions for the challenges that humanity is facing. She is also a proficient writer, photographer, and forever a learner.

Lena Reinhard

Speaker's events

Day 1
June 18, 2020

Becoming a team, one pixel at a time

Psychological safety is one of the leading indicators of a high performing team. Yet, forging deep human relationships and building trust can be difficult when your team is distributed or largely interacts on screens.


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Lena Reinhard

Lena is currently Director of Engineering at CircleCI.

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