Become a Hacker in 10 minutes

Apr 14, 2021
1:30 pm

How to deliver to production regularly without fear of being attacked by the first hacker that comes along? How to develop an application iteratively without introducing security regressions? How to pass all security audits at once? These are the problems solved by ZAP, the proxy developed by OWASP. I will show you here how to use one of the best pentesting tools available today, pleasant and intuitive. This Open Source tool (one of OWASP's most active projects) allows you to find vulnerabilities in web applications, and to quickly and progressively build up security skills for the web. I will then show you how to avoid security regressions by integrating security tests in the continuous integration chain. You'll see that it's easy to become a hacker, as long as you care about security!

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Paul Molin