SaaSification of an on-prem product - A tale about build or buy decision

Jun 9, 2021
1:30 pm

In the last 8 years, Dataiku has built a world leading AI and Data Science platform operated on-premise by hundreds of customers serving tens of thousands of users around the world. 18 months ago, we decided to start building a SaaS offering to better address the needs of the SMBs and Start-Ups with a more self-serve approach. In this webinar, I’ll share the story of this journey which consisted in building an infrastructure, developing a web application for end users to manage their configuration and subscription including a payment gateway, managing invoicing, and operational topics including security, monitoring, and deployment processes. It will be an opportunity to share some key learnings and take-aways. Spoiler alert: A lot of important decisions were about building our own tools, leveraging open source technologies, or subscribing to other managed services.

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Louis-Philippe Kronek