Streaming Volumetric Video, Sense of Space Solution and Technologies Involved

Jun 16, 2021
11:30 am

Volumetric video is a medium that allows capturing real-life objects and living creatures and constructing a full 3D model with their natural motion. It is the natural next step towards blending the digital reality with the physical realm. There are several technologies and approaches to capturing a volumetric motion picture, including e.g. rapid laser scanning, photogrammetry and other depth sensors. Also, there are different approaches to processing and storing the volumetric video data, and no established standards. The mission of Sense of Space is to provide a capture-technology-agnostic volumetric video editing, authoring and publishing platform. This is achieved with an offering of a desktop volumetric video editing tool combined with a cloud based compression and delivery pipeline and integrations to popular game engines and 3D frameworks as well as our own platform independent WebAR platform. We will discuss the typical technical challenges involved in streaming volumetric video over http and the sort of technologies used to tackle those. Additionally, we will see how Sense of Space aims to bring volumetric video to new audiences and allow creators of different levels of technical know-how to start using volumetric video as a creative medium.

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Tuomo Paavilainen